City Tour

In this tour we will know this wonderful city, where we will appreciate the cultural, historical, architectural and natural wealth.  Visiting the Murillo Square, the Cathedral, and Government’s Palace, San Francisco’s Church, the replica of the one subterraneous temple of Tiawanaku, the mirador of Quilli, and the witch’s market.  After our visit to the urban center, we will visit the Valley of the Moon going by the residential neighbourhoods of the south area of this city.


Very recommended to enjoy the music diversity and dances of the Bolivian Folklore.  You will appreciate the rich variety of handmade knits, the compasses of traditional dances and the typical musical instruments as the zampoñas and the charango (small wooden guitar made of the quirquincho’ carcass.  A trip to the Andean cultures to the tropics of Bolivia in an unforgettable night of amusement.  It includes: transportation, hotel, peña, hotel, and dinner.