It is approximately a Bolivian town, capital of the county of Larecaja to 143 km of the city of The Peace. It is located to a height of 2.674 m.s.n.m., he/she has a temperate climate and it is to the foot of the Majestic Snowy Illampu one of the highest mountains in Bolivia.

Population of origin aymara; it is known by the beauty of their natural environment and their old colonial country property houses. The spectacular landscapes, characterized by their mountain range contrasts and valleys. It is interesting to visit the one on the way to the Inca, the rivers San Cristóbal, Capinota, Soque, Coco and Tora and the impressive cavern located 8 km inhabited by 3 varieties different from bats possess a small interior lake, in visit of 40 minutes he/she allows to almost go into 2 Km. inside a mountain of white rock, unique experience and safety pin. Today, the main activity constitutes it the adventure tourism and of mountain.