Located in the National Park Sajama of the county Caraguara of Carangas in the Dpto. of Oruro in the frontier with Chile. The volcano Sajama is the highest summit in Bolivia with a height of 6542 m, with permanent snow, craters full with water and fish. He/she is 20 km to the northeast of the Payachatas (Parinacota and Pomerape). You consents from the Capital of Bolivia, city of the Peace, taking the international route that he/she goes toward Chile. It is in the Southwest of the department of Oruro in the County of Sajama, it limits with the department from the Peace to the north and the West with the National Park Lauca of Chile.

The skirts of the volcano Sajama conforms the National Park Sajama, the first protected area of the country whose surface is of 100, 000 have. It was created to prohibit the pruning of the forest of Queñua. In this area he/she is the highest forest in the world denominated forest of the Queñua”, as well as thermal waters and a great flora variety and fauna. The voluminous volcano is part of a protected area.