The road to the Yungas

Also well-known as on the way to the Death, it is an on the way to approximately 80 km of extension that unites The Peace and the region of The Yungas, to the northeast of The Peace. The road leaves of The Peace, to 3600 msnm., and it ascends until The Summit”, to 4300 msnm. Then the descent of 3.600 meters of difference begins in 64 km of journey. It is legendary for their extreme danger. In 1995 the Interamerican Bank of Development baptized her as the most dangerous road in the world. This highway built it Paraguayan prisoners during the War of the Chaco in the decade of 1930. It is one of the few routes that connect the amazon forest of the north of the country, with the city Paceña. The danger that supposes this route transformed it into a popular tourist destination starting from the decade of 1990. In particular, the enthusiasts of the mountain bicycle use it for their marked descents and the delight of the landscapes. Likewise it can be practiced the descent like an adventure walk and trekking. At the moment it is had a much more modern and surer highway that connects The Peace with The Yungas.