The Mururata, it is located in the county Murillo, of the department of The Peace. He/she has an altitude of 5.868 meters on the level of the sea, it forms part of the Real mountain range and their view, from their expensive west, it is snub and lengthened. It is next to the Illimani and near government’s headquarters that is to 40 kilometers of distance, Their south face, however, is a true challenge for the montañistas, because it is conformed by a canaletas curtain and columns of ice and rock that hide in view of the onlookers. He/she is the main supplier of water for the inhabitants of the municipality of Palca, as much for the consumption as for the watering; however, from 1975 at 2010, the Mururata lost 22 percent of its snowy surface and he/she is considered that in 40 or 50 years its white hat could disappear for effect of the climatic change.