Lago Titicaca

The lake Titicaca is the second bigger lake of South America and the highest navigable lake in the world. It is located among the Peruvian-Bolivian highland to about 3.812 msnm, it possesses an area of 8,372 km² and 1.125 kilometers of coast. Their maximum depth is considered the 281 m it reaches and its half depth is calculated in 107 m, being particularly transparent of 15 to 65 m. Its level is irregular and it increases during the southern summer.

It is formed by two bodies of water separated by the strait of Tiquina, the biggest located to the north is denominated bigger lake or Chucuito he/she has a surface of 6.450 km², being in this part their biggest depth (-283 m), near the island Grove. The other body smaller smaller call or Huiñaymarca located to the south have a surface of 2.112 km², with a maximum depth 45 meters.