La Paz City

La Paz is located to the northwest of Bolivia with an extension of 133.985 square kilometres, its capital is the city of La Paz. Headquarters of the central Government,located 3640 meters above sea level, its limits are: to the North with Pando, to the South with Oruro, to the East with Beni and Cochabamba and to the west with the Republics of Peru and Chile.

It is located between the 16º30’South latitude and 68º08’ of longitude west of the Meridian of Greenwich.  The Department of La Paz has approximately 2.350.466 inhabitants divided in 20 counties and 272 cantons.

Downtown of La Paz is approximately at 3.650 meters above sea level and it forms, together with El Alto, the first bigger urban nucleus and town of Bolivia.

Among the places of interest and of public entertainment we have the Murillo main square, the Temple and convent of San Francisco-museum, Metropolitan Cathedral, Market of the Witches, Zoo of Mallasa “Vesty Pakos Chuquiago Marka”, the Valley of the Moon, the Valley of the Souls, Central Urban Park, Stadium Hernando Siles and outside of the city: Lake Titicaca, Copacabana beside the lake Titicaca, Coroico in Yungas a region with warm and humid climate and lots of vegetation, the Tiwanaku (ruins of the Tiwanacota culture), Palca in the skirts of the snowy Illimani, Sorata in the skirts of the snowy Illampu and many other places belonging to the Oriental Mountain range and Apolobamba.