Isla del Sol

The island of the Sun or island Titicaca is a Bolivian island located in the lake Titicaca belonging to the county I Maim Kapac of the department of The Peace. He/she has a longitude 9,6 km for 4,6 km wide and a surface of 14,3 km². It is the biggest island in the lake, their original name it is island Titikaka and for it the lake where he/she is it takes their name that means the rock of the puma.”

It presents an uneven relief with many terraces due to the cultivation of old Inca residents. The island in the Inca time was a sanctuary with a temple with virgins dedicated to the god Sun or Inti and of there its name.

In this island they are important archaeological places of this culture, as Chinkana, Pilkokaina, the Sacred Rock, Yumani in which is the eternal youth’s source, among others.