Cordillera Real

Well-known as Mountain range of The Peace or of you Walk Them, it is the bigger than the American Continent and the second more high of the world. It is conformed by a group of solid mountains whose majority is on the six thousand m.s.n.m. it is the most important cord of you Walk them Bolivian, and the biggest covering of snow and ice is parked in its picks. Its proximity to the main city of the country transforms it into an impressive fan of possibilities to practically all the mountain sports With an extension of almost 180 kilometers, and with a chain of snowy mountains, the Real Mountain range or of The Peace, one of the most splendid landscapes evidences of you Walk them Bolivian. Immense rock formations, ice and snow, they will generate made an effort steps and canyons, with depths dozens to thousands meters, beginning this way extensive rivers that will converge in the Amazons and hiding in their interiors important mineral locations.

There are six superior summits to 6.000 m in the mountain range that you/they are from north to south:

  • Illampu (6.368 m)
  • Ancohuma (6.427 m)
  • Chachacomani (6.074 m)
  • Huayna Potosí (6.088 m)
  • Illimani (6.438 m)

Other remarkable picks include:

  • Mururata (5871 m)
  • Small Alpamayo
  • Condoriri (included those of Head of Condor)
  • Chacaltaya (5393 m.

Due to the thaw of the glaciers one can wait that in the long term, the flows base of the rivers originated in these they are more reduced and that the picks and grown they are more aggressive.