Eco Albergue Chalalan

THE ECOLOGICAL HOUSING – CHALALAN has been built beside the magnificent Lagoon Chalalán, located to the north of the department of The Peace, inside the park national madidi, combining elegance and comfort, using local materials, respecting the natural environment and rescuing the traditional characteristics of construction of our community of San José of Uchupiamonas.

The design and distribution of the different facilities of our Housing, it has been thought and planned in each detail by us the josesanos, the wide knowledge that we possess about the kindness of the forest taking advantage. Walls of palm chonta (Iriartea Deltoidea), interiors recovered with mats, roofs with jatata leaves (Geonoma Deversa) and floors wooden nobleman, make of the Ecological Housing CHALALÁN an exclusive and incomparable place in the world.

The housing is in one of the richest and more protected areas in the planet, known by the scientists as a ” Hotspot “. it is an area of high-priority conservation that is constantly threatened by the development. This hotspot Walks tropical he/she has the biggest biodiversity of endemic plants in the planet and it harbors to some 45.000 species of different plants and more than 1.000 species of tropical birds whose songs are in the morning the alarm clock.