About us

We are a company committed to offering tours services nationwide, thinking of all your requirements and needs, prioritizing the well-being of our customers with efficiency and quality. They are already more than fifteen years of experience that they accredit our performance, collaborating also with different Japanese entities for the filming of many documentaries, that today they are seen in the television of that country; Also taking pride in providing assistance in the activities of Princess Sayako Norinomya during her visit to Bolivia and many other works of which we are very proud.

It is for this reason that with the collaboration of meritorious multidisciplinary professionals, we form BOLIVIA JAPAN TOURS to offer them and offer them all the experience accumulated during all these years.

Come and enjoy together, the wonders of this country.


Our mission is to offer a personalized attention to each of our clients, offering them a wide variety of options of tours at national level.


Our vision is to become the most efficient company in the country’s tourism market, thus satisfying the needs of our customers with the highest quality standards, based on values ​​of trust, integrity and respect.

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